Treating Flus And Cold Naturally

Colds and flu are classified as the most common viral infections. There is no cure for these illnesses but they symptoms can be managed easily. Natural treatments are the best options when dealing with flu and colds since they have no side effects on the patient’s body. The various treatment methods adopted goes a long way in boosting your immune system as well. Useful essential oils include bergamot, eucalyptus, tea tree, pine, ginger, lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood. These oils have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help in clearing and easing of the breathing process.the following are some of the methods that can be adopted to treat flu and cold naturally.

Inhalation formula

You can choose one of the essential oils and then add some of its drops in a large bowl that is nearly full of boiling water. Gently inhale the steam produced. In case you have your contact lenses or glasses make sure that you remove them to protect them from steaming up. The steam produced is very aromantic.

Herbal tea

Try ginger tea and lemon with honey. Use sliced fresh root ginger which is immersed in boiling water, then add some drops of freshly -squeezed lemon juice. After leaving the mixture for about five minutes, you can add some honey for soothing your sore throat. You are advised to try peppermint tea when you are suffering from a head cold.

Massage treatment

Add about eight drops of the essential oils to a twenty ml carrier oil. You can then use this blend for massaging your chest with rhythmic cycles or strokes. This helps in soothing the affected area. Then massage your face and neck gently. Finally, apply some gentle static pressures on both sides of your nose.

In addition to other ulhgd3we23r3seful qualities, the essential oils have antimicrobial, antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. They, therefore, provide useful remedies in the treatment of various respiratory conditions and infections. For instance, rosemary and  eucalyptus have been used for relieving flu symptoms in the chest rubs. The aromatic oils are also used in air purification when they are burned as incense. They purify the air by killing the airborne microbes thus providing effective results.

Avoid flying unless necessary

Changes in air pressure could result in additional stresses on your respiratory system that is already stressed up. Flying with the flu or cold congestion could hurt your eardrums due to to pressure changes created during the landing and takeoff process. Frequent chewing gum and swallowing help in relieving pressure.

Having an extra pillow under the head

This helps to drain the nasal passages. You can place the pillows between the box springs and the mattress to create a gradual slope.…