What you need to know about ketone urine strips

If you are on the ketogenic diet, the ketone levels in your body are of the essence in determining how far you are in your weight loss journey. You should, therefore, measure these levels to have an idea of your progress and how fast/slow your body is adapting to the ketogenic diet. There are various methods of measuring ketone levels in the body, but the use of ketone urine strips is the simplest.

What are ketone urine strips?

hdhdd64Ketone strips or sticks are strips which are usually beige in color and are used to measure ketone levels in urine. Measuring ketone levels using ketone urine sticks or strips is easy- you just need to dip the strip into a sample of urine from your body. Alternatively, you can urinate onto the strip directly and observe what happens. Depending on the amount of ketones in your body, the strip’s color will change. For instance, it will change to deep purple if ketone levels in your body are high. If there is no color change, then you are not in ketosis.

How do ketone urine strips work?

If you are on the ketogenic diet, ketones are present in blood, urine, and breath. You can test for their presence and levels using the blood ketosis meter, ketone urine strips or the breath meter respectively. Of these three methods, the use of ketone urine sticks is the simplest and cheapest. They work by measuring the amount of ketones that has not been used in the body. If you are a beginner, the ketone urine strip test will show that there are high levels of unused ketone in the body (acetoacetate). These levels dwindle with time. This is because as you continue taking the ketogenic diet, your body gets used to it. Ketones gradually become your primary source of fuel for the body.

How effective is the ketone urine strip test?

Though not as precise as other methods, ketone urine strips are cheap and easy to use. They are good for beginners who are yet to understand how a ketogenic acid helps one lose weight. The test may not give reliable results to those who have been on the ketogenic diet for a long period of time.

Buying ketone urine sticks

As noted earlier, ketone urine strips are cheap methods of testing the ketone levels in the body. They are also readily available in pharmacies online and offline. However, due to increased demand, there are several scams in the market. You need to be careful to make sure that you choose the right product. Some of the most important factors to check for include accuracy, ease of use, and approval by the relevant authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration.


Top ketone urine strips in the market today

If you are looking for ketone strips, you will come across Perfect Keto Strips, Smackfat and Ketobars Strips. These are some of the most popular ketone urine strips. Precision Xtra, One Earth Health, and Nurse Hatty are other popular strips among weight watchers. Any of these urine strips will serve you right.…