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The Significance of Natural Treatment Procedures

Before the introduction of modern technology and treatment methods, patients had to depend on natural procedures and the use of herbs to treat different illnesses. All sorts of diseases had their traditional cure. Surgical procedures were also conducted using crude methods during that period.

Some plants played the role of anesthetics and were used to reduce pain. Advancements in technology that helped facilitate research led to the introduction of modern treatment methods. Scientists and other professionals in the field of medicine would conduct research and tests to come up with the cure to some common illnesses.

We have seen different medicines introduced to help cure certain conditions. Most of them are made using various chemicals that help subdue the condition one is facing. Advanced machines that use modern technology are also being used in diagnosing and treatment of various ailments.

The introduction of modern treatment procedures has seen many abandon the natural or traditional ones. However, many are slowly getting back to them because of the diverse benefits that come with their use.herbal medicine The chemicals used in modern drugs or treatment methods have left many with several side effects.

Many are embracing the use of natural drugs and treatment methods. There are a lot of natural supplements on the market currently good for your body. The use of natural treatment procedures comes with a wide range of benefits which include:

Minimal Side Effects

Using natural treatment procedures will leave you experiencing zero or minimal side effects. The drugs and methods used in this kind of treatment do not have chemicals or involve the use of any. Our bodies are different, and some can react to certain chemicals found in modern drugs or treatment methods. You should seek natural treatment procedures to stay in good shape.


Natural treatment does not involve the use of excess money because most of their drugs and treatment methods are more affordable compared to modern ones. The fact that they are extracted from plants which are readily available makes them accessible. The manufacturing of drugs or supplements used in natural treatment is also cheap and easy.

Nutritive Value

Drugs used in natural treatment methods contain elements that are of exceptionalnatural medicine nutritional value to your body. The natural nutrients found in them play a significant role in healing your body. Some of the nutrients will help boost your body’s defense mechanism and also encourage growth. You should make good use of natural treatment methods and enjoy the benefits.…


What you need to know about ketone urine strips

If you are on the ketogenic diet, the ketone levels in your body are of the essence in determining how far you are in your weight loss journey. You should, therefore, measure these levels to have an idea of your progress and how fast/slow your body is adapting to the ketogenic diet. There are various methods of measuring ketone levels in the body, but the use of ketone urine strips is the simplest.

What are ketone urine strips?

hdhdd64Ketone strips or sticks are strips which are usually beige in color and are used to measure ketone levels in urine. Measuring ketone levels using ketone urine sticks or strips is easy- you just need to dip the strip into a sample of urine from your body. Alternatively, you can urinate onto the strip directly and observe what happens. Depending on the amount of ketones in your body, the strip’s color will change. For instance, it will change to deep purple if ketone levels in your body are high. If there is no color change, then you are not in ketosis.

How do ketone urine strips work?

If you are on the ketogenic diet, ketones are present in blood, urine, and breath. You can test for their presence and levels using the blood ketosis meter, ketone urine strips or the breath meter respectively. Of these three methods, the use of ketone urine sticks is the simplest and cheapest. They work by measuring the amount of ketones that has not been used in the body. If you are a beginner, the ketone urine strip test will show that there are high levels of unused ketone in the body (acetoacetate). These levels dwindle with time. This is because as you continue taking the ketogenic diet, your body gets used to it. Ketones gradually become your primary source of fuel for the body.

How effective is the ketone urine strip test?

Though not as precise as other methods, ketone urine strips are cheap and easy to use. They are good for beginners who are yet to understand how a ketogenic acid helps one lose weight. The test may not give reliable results to those who have been on the ketogenic diet for a long period of time.

Buying ketone urine sticks

As noted earlier, ketone urine strips are cheap methods of testing the ketone levels in the body. They are also readily available in pharmacies online and offline. However, due to increased demand, there are several scams in the market. You need to be careful to make sure that you choose the right product. Some of the most important factors to check for include accuracy, ease of use, and approval by the relevant authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration.


Top ketone urine strips in the market today

If you are looking for ketone strips, you will come across Perfect Keto Strips, Smackfat and Ketobars Strips. These are some of the most popular ketone urine strips. Precision Xtra, One Earth Health, and Nurse Hatty are other popular strips among weight watchers. Any of these urine strips will serve you right.…


The most practical choking prevention tips

There is a tiny organ in people’s throats called the epiglottis that serves the job of choking prevention. It appears as a cartilage, and it covers the opening of the trachea. This is the part where food goes into the stomach from the mouth while air goes into the lungs from the nose. The opening regulator ensures that there is no movement of food into the lungs channel. When that happens, a person chokes. Therefore, all efforts of choking prevention must acknowledge this mechanism and utilize it in their endeavor to have the preferred long-term effect. In fact, the prevention of choking is among the most stressed interventions for health practitioners because it helps to prevent unnecessary deaths and damage to the trachea that could lead to surgery. Here are helpful choking prevention tips to consider in your daily life habits.

If you are having choking problems, check the epiglottis

2Although this article mentions the wonderful work of the small organ that regulates the movement of food away from the trachea, there are cases where the epiglottis causes significant choking. Abnormal growths of the organ or an infection are the main reasons for the effect. Some people will be surprised when learning that the body organ that should prevent choking is the same one that is causing it. However, cases of epiglottis problem choking are few and spread wide apart. Thus, this should be the last resolve to consider seeing the doctor for such a problem.

Stop eating after choking

Immediately after a choking incident, the victim will experience a strong irritation on the epiglottis that arose from the forceful entry of food. In some cases, food might contain substances that irritate the organ and the surface around it. In some severe choking cases, you might be unable to swallow food correctly for a while. At this stage, the epiglottis will be unable to function well and in the face an increased risk of suffering from choking caused by the compromised functioning of the organ. The best remedy is to avoid eating immediately after the incident and wait for several hours. Children may not be able to wait for hours before eating. Therefore, they should take light fluids like juice slowly so that they do not affect the injured organ.

Eat slowly and mindfully

3Mindful eating requires you to pay attention to the act of eating. It is the necessary technique that ensures you digest your food properly in the mouth using your saliva before swallowing it. Mindful eating also prevents the rapid swallowing movements that overwhelm the epiglottis. Mindful eating will also avoid the need to talk a lot while eating, which affects the breathing and eating processes and often leads to choking.

After understanding the mechanism of choking and how the body prevents it, you should focus on supporting the natural function of the body. Choking is an unfortunate outcome that can be embarrassing and dangerous to your health. Stop eating fast, and take time to digest your food in the mouth. Also, take care of the organ that performs the important function of choking prevention so that you do not end up with a chronic situation.…

Best Natural Cancer Treatments

Most people wonder how effective the natural cancer treatment can be. These very have been used for many yeas and are proven to have minimal side effects as compared to the conventional medical treatments. These methods include healthy diets, probiotic foods, immune boosting supplements, prayers and stress reducing techniques.
This article is going to discuss the various natural cancer treatments which are proven to be very effective.

Juicing and Gerson therapy

This method was developed by Dr. Max Gerson and has been proven to be effective in treating cancer naturally. The method is known for activating the body’s extraordinary ability in healing itself without any damaging side effects. This natural treatment is very powerful in boosting your body immune system. This helps in the healing of heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, degenerative diseases, and allergies. It recommends the usage following foods and supplements.

  • Natural supplements
  • Raw juices
  • Beef liver
  • Coffee enemas
  • Organic based foodsDWFWWDEWFQE

Working of the Gerson therapy treatment

This treatment targets important metabolic requirements in the body. This allows the body to reap the various nutritional benefits once you consume organically grown vegetables and fruits each day. Here is a breakdown of the Gerson Therapy:

The Gerson Diet

Consists of eating just the organic vegetables, fruits, and the sprouted ancient grains. The diet is, therefore, rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. It has low proteins, sodium and fat content. It also advises the cancer patients to be drinking at least 13 glasses of fresh juice and eating a snack of fresh fruits on a daily basis.


Freshly prepared juice provides an easy and effective means of providing quality nutrition. The cancer patients are advised to be drinking fresh vegetables including raw apples or carrots every day.


Gerson therapy utilizes a product known as coffee enemas in detoxing your body. It does this by increasing your parasympathetic nervous system. Cancer patients are advised to take about five enemas on a daily basis to keep their bodies free of all toxins.


Gerson therapy recommends these organic medicinal therapies:

  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Thyroid hormone
  • Potassium compound
  • Vitamin B12
  • Lugol’s solution
The Budwig protocol

Dr. Johanna BudwigwegweO;LVD was an expert on pharmacology and lipids. He discovered that there were many conventional hydrogenated oils and processed fats which were destroying the cell’s membranes thus causing toxicity and diseased cells. He developed the Budwig diet to counteract the cancer-causing process.

Working of the Budwig protocol

It performs its role by replacing the deadly processed oils and fats with life-giving saturated/unsaturated fatty acids. This helps your cells to rebuild and get rejuvenated. Dr. Budwig discovered that the best results would be obtained by consuming a mixture of flaxseed oil, and cottage cheese.…

Treating Flus And Cold Naturally

Colds and flu are classified as the most common viral infections. There is no cure for these illnesses but they symptoms can be managed easily. Natural treatments are the best options when dealing with flu and colds since they have no side effects on the patient’s body. The various treatment methods adopted goes a long way in boosting your immune system as well. Useful essential oils include bergamot, eucalyptus, tea tree, pine, ginger, lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood. These oils have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help in clearing and easing of the breathing process.the following are some of the methods that can be adopted to treat flu and cold naturally.

Inhalation formula

You can choose one of the essential oils and then add some of its drops in a large bowl that is nearly full of boiling water. Gently inhale the steam produced. In case you have your contact lenses or glasses make sure that you remove them to protect them from steaming up. The steam produced is very aromantic.

Herbal tea

Try ginger tea and lemon with honey. Use sliced fresh root ginger which is immersed in boiling water, then add some drops of freshly -squeezed lemon juice. After leaving the mixture for about five minutes, you can add some honey for soothing your sore throat. You are advised to try peppermint tea when you are suffering from a head cold.

Massage treatment

Add about eight drops of the essential oils to a twenty ml carrier oil. You can then use this blend for massaging your chest with rhythmic cycles or strokes. This helps in soothing the affected area. Then massage your face and neck gently. Finally, apply some gentle static pressures on both sides of your nose.

In addition to other ulhgd3we23r3seful qualities, the essential oils have antimicrobial, antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. They, therefore, provide useful remedies in the treatment of various respiratory conditions and infections. For instance, rosemary and  eucalyptus have been used for relieving flu symptoms in the chest rubs. The aromatic oils are also used in air purification when they are burned as incense. They purify the air by killing the airborne microbes thus providing effective results.

Avoid flying unless necessary

Changes in air pressure could result in additional stresses on your respiratory system that is already stressed up. Flying with the flu or cold congestion could hurt your eardrums due to to pressure changes created during the landing and takeoff process. Frequent chewing gum and swallowing help in relieving pressure.

Having an extra pillow under the head

This helps to drain the nasal passages. You can place the pillows between the box springs and the mattress to create a gradual slope.…